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7 thoughts on “TES Transportation Inc

  1. Great experience for first-time transport. My daughter was moving to CA from GA to go to college and we needed to transport her Jeep Wrangler. With it having a 3″ lift, light bar, soft top, and “larger than stock” tires, I was a little nervous. TES Transport did a great job on the pickup and delivery. Alex picked it up as close to my house as he could (there was a Home Depot close) and got it cross-country in about 5 days. The local delivery was done on a smaller trailer that was easier for the driver to navigate around . I met them a few miles from where I was located, at a Wal-Mart neighborhood market, since they had multiple cars to deliver. They picked it up and delivered it when the said they would. I booked it through American Heritage Auto Transport who also did a great job of keeping me informed and making me fully comfortable in the process. The price was very reasonable and cheaper than I could have transported it myself.
    Key things to remember:
    1) If the car is not at a dealership, you may have to be flexible with the pickup location. A large parking lot (Wal-Mart, Home Depot, etc) works best.
    2) Delivery will be similar to #1. A central location on their delivery route is to be expected.
    3) The transport companies only accept Cash, Cashier’s check, or Money Orders. The drivers don’t carry Credit Card machines.

    We could not have had a better experience.

  2. Worst customer service! The man was very unprofessional and rude. He did not drop off my car to the correct address provided. I had to drive to a dealership parking lot in order to pick up my car, is this not shipping moving company. Hmm seems like they dont have a clue what they are doing, or they just dont give a crap. Complete excuse my language bullshit. And to top it off they only accept cash,money order, or cashiers check. What kind of company doesent accept a credit card debit card. He was subcontracted with colonial inc. Please do not waste your time with either company very unprofessional and unitelligent. And they deserve no stars my review wouldn’t have been posted unless marking off a rating.

  3. Hi every one I had some cars shipped With TES and I have had nothing but problems One of the drivesr who is called big G. picked up the vehicle title and never gave them to me. I was waiting for them in the mail never arrived. Not to mention he also wrecked a car in the front and said he was not responsible. Called his boss Mark and the first thing he said is they are not responsible. He shipped one more time for us and he scratched a vehicle all around. It seemed to have been with tree branches. I called them and told him and again We are not responsible. I don’t understand how they continue to do business. If they don’t transport the vehicles with care. I never like to write reviews but this company just has no morals. The boss acted like if I was not paying for the service or if my money was not real

  4. This company was used as a subcontractor for Transporter Auto Services without authorization or knowledge from us as customers. The driver threatened to abandon our vehicle after calling us at 0330 in the morning and hung up on my husband when he tried to ask for the storage option promised to us by Transporter Auto. Delivered the vehicle with over $1700 in damages when dropped off in mint condition. Mark offered us $300 for scratch cover up paint and told us to just buff it out. This vehicle was brand new! When an email was sent explaining the issue the response was nearly illegible but the basis was that we caused the damage prior to shipment. Even though we had an inspection done prior to shipment and upon drop-off of the vehicle that shows zero damage. They are so unprofessional and are getting away with it because we did not sign a contract with them! Do not use them and do not use Transporter Auto Services based out of California. Such a waste of time and money!

  5. Had to select at least 1 star, although this company deserves NONE!Mark, the driver, was completely unprofessional…he whined, he yelled, threw a temper tantrum, and hung up on me. When my car was delivered he lied about red paint being on my (black) driver side door when he picked the car up. The truck he downloaded my car off of was painted in red. I challenged the scratch and he gave me only a $5 discount. He changed the pick up date 3 times and the drop off date 2 times. I didn’t deal with anyone else from TES, my request was subcontracted via Nation Auto Transport out of Miami, FL. They were to negotiate changes, if there were any. Don’t recommend Nation Auto either, they’re also unprofessional

  6. Let’s start by saying, please do not EVER consider TES Transport for your shipping needs! Besides the delivery date being postponed four times and arriving 2 weeks later than the original stated delivery date, we experienced a myriad of other more serious problems. The car was transported on the bottom row of the truck underneath a wrecked car. My car was covered from bumper to bumper in oil from the damaged car above. My car had 60 additional miles from when I dropped it off. Inside of the vehicle was extremely dirty and appeared to have had passengers in all front and back due to dirt/mud on mats. I noted all the problems and accepted the car. The following day I noticed an unfamiliar scratch on the rear of the car. After further investigation, the rear of the car had paint runs where the paint/clear coat had ran down then dried. The driver must have taken the car for a joy ride then damaged it and tried to fix it without my knowledge which explains the multiple delays. I finally got a hold of management and they instructed me to get an estimate and they would take care of it. Now they will not answer the phone and in fact one number they gave me has been disconnected. Please consider another company or you will be sorry!

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