PC Auto Carriers LLC

514 Oak Springs Drive NW Lawrenceville GA 30043



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4 thoughts on “PC Auto Carriers LLC

  1. NO NOT USE THIS CARRIER! As many other reviews state, they falsify paperwork after damaging your car to show that the damage was already there, refuse to release the car to the owner unless you sign the BOL. This company is a scam, ran out of a residential address by Michael Yan and Michelle Yan who refuse to speak to their own driver to resolve any issues. Andrew Hill who works for PC Auto carriers is a professional Con Artist. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY.

  2. They are the worst. The gouged the hood on my car, and crushed both the left and right rear corners of the roof. Further more they couldnt fit my car on the truck the day they promised to pick it up. The driver unpugged the main electrical harness so no one else would move the car. This caused the computer to era. Car had to go to dealership for a computer reset. The driver is a nasty guy. He is loud and a liar. Beware, they mark there paper work to reflect that every panel and both bumpers are damaged. By doing this they throw the paper work in your face as fraudulant proof that your car was damaged. They are con men

  3. I would never use them again. Took 9 days to get my car from NY to Florida. There truck broke down . They lied about where my car was. Very unprofessional.

  4. Nasty company I would never use them again they got low life drivers I would not even truest them to ship a toy car . Very unprofessional .

    Andrew – low life driver

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