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Your car is on average one of the top 3 of most expensive items that the average person owns. Don’t you want to make sure that you are shipping your vehicle it in good hands? There are a few things that you can do when researching car shipping companies. The first is reading about the shipping company online on Search and read customer reviews about auto transport companies to give you peace of mind that you are going with a reputable company. Search the company name to find the listing to read reviews!

Have You Shipped A Vehicle In The Past?

If you have used a car shipping company in the past and would like to let people know about your experience with a broker or a carrier, make sure to search for the company and leave a review. You want to let people know about your good experiences and recommendations, as well as some insight about your not so favorable experiences so that others don’t make the same mistake. By leaving a review you can help people make a better decision when looking for a car shipping company. Search the company you worked with, and go ahead and leave a review today! is the go to guide for all potential and past clients of all auto transport and car shipping companies. In this niche business of car shipping, is is often the customer who will voice their complaint with the appropriate party however most often times this information will not be made public. We want all auto shipping clients to know they have a place to come and voice their satisfaction or complaint. was first registered almost 10 years ago and has been renewed until 2022. Auto transport is a very niche business and a lot of people do not understand how this business works and easily get taken advantage of because of that. The first and most important thing to understand is that 99% of carriers are independently owned and operated, which means it is nearly impossible to call a driver directly, especially one in the particular area you are looking for. After you understand that, 99% of the companies you come in contact with will be a car shipping broker agent or a freight forwarder, and there is nothing wrong with that because they have access to their own database of drivers and that database grows over time. You can always find out online or at However, make sure there is information online about the company you end up choosing because you will be not only trusting them to transport your vehicle safely but you want to make sure they don’t hijack your vehicle and demand more money on delivery.

A few tips to remember when shipping a vehicle and finding the right company to go with.

  • -Make sure to look up the company MC or USDOT number on the FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Association) website to double check their insurance information.
  • -Make sure to read customer reviews on the company you decide to contact.
  • -Do not put items into your vehicle when transporting a car.
  • -Make sure to keep a quarter tank of gas in the vehicle before transport.
  • -Check the auto transport blog for more tips and insight on the auto transport industry.
  • Don’t be too specific with dates or times, the carrier is typically carrying 7-9 vehicles on his/her truck so be accommodating and understanding.
  • This is not a hobby, this is a business. Be realistic with what you are looking for. Most companies will give you a low number which sounds great but just won’t entice any drivers to actually pick it up.
  • Be nice! These guys/gals are on the road a lot and they deal with many personalities from pick up to drop off. So make sure to read up on the potential auto shipping company you will be using at


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