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  1. Vince
    Arnak Ivanov,
    horrible customer service damages my car then never responds to emails or calls back!

    The shop that was working on my car in N.C. Used this company to transport my car back to C.A. When it arrived I informed the shop my car was damaged since they had hired first choice.

    From the shop,

    Good Morning Arnak,
    You recently picked up a black 2004 Infiniti G35 from our facility and transported it to California, the customer (vince) whose email i have also attached messaged me ysterday saying that there were a few damages that occured to the vehicle during transport. The front hood is bent and the rear trunk and rear bumper are damaged as it appears that another vehicle was making contact with the G35. I have attached a few photos of how it left from here and how it arrived to him as well as a video, can you contact him and try to come to a solution for him please.

    He then emails me this,

    I have attached pictures of where the car was loaded on the truck. If the damage to the trunk lid was caused during transport by the charger in the back or by even any other car it would not have a bumper left on it (it would at least crack the bumper to get to the trunk lid).
    The second picture that is attached is a picture at a pick up location. If you zoom in you will see that trunk lid is not aligned even there. Besides all of these, Michael has done a thorough inspection including test driving the car before he even signed the BOL. The driver did not just drop and go he was there for awhile, so they had plenty of time. If we damage a car we do not mind fixing it but obviously some of these damages they are either preexisting or have caused by something else but not during transport.

    He forgot to mention that my car had left on a double decker trailer where there was a charger behind my car and no that car couldn’t have done the damage. At some point my car had been loaded onto a 2 car flatbed and had a ram 3500 behind it. which is clearly big enough to damage my trunk and bumper! I have pics when it had arrived on the flatbed to! Mike had reported it to the flatbed driver and he said it was like that.

    The shop and I both agree it wasn’t like that. I have pics before it left Cali and the shop has pics before it left them.

    I had told him I didn’t care about the hood or trunk being bent and that I just wanted my paint fixed, because clearly you could see another car had been rubbing against it.

    he says if we damaged it we don’t mind fixing! Haha that’s funny, when I sent you that pic of my car on that flatbed. you didn’t think I had proof my car had been switched to another trailer. I got no response at ALL. Man up and take responsibility!

    September 2, 2017 at 6:18 pm

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